Personal wardrobe in 5 simple steps

This unique course is for you if you want to learn how to choose an image for yourself personally for different occasions and at the same time instantly create the “right” first impression when you get to know each other. As part of the course, the teacher will tell you how to remove the fear of the camera and change your idea of ​​you for the better.

Style for beginners

On the course, each participant will not only receive personalized recommendations on drawing up an individual style, but will also practice combinations of colors, materials, textures and will be able to make sets and try them on in a lesson in the shopping center.

Workshop on hairstyles "Your own stylist"

This master class is for you, if you want to know what care products are suitable specifically for your hair and how to apply it, you dream to independently perform the popular procedure “Happiness for hair” without leaving your home, you want to create a universal hair styling for every day and give a chic volume to the hair.